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Clinical Services for Teens

The teen years are full of uncertainty, change, adjustment and confusion. The pressure of school, peers, parents and becoming an adult can be overwhelming for your teen. We provide a safe, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere for your teen to "kick their shoes off" and begin to develop coping skills and strategies to manage emotions and behaviors in a more effective manner.

Here is a sampling of what we can help your teen with...

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Use, Abuse & Addiction (substance or behavioral)
  • Peer & Relationship concerns
  • Trauma
  • Behavioral problems
  • Adjustment & life issues such as grief, preparing for college, etc.
  • Family Issues such as divorce, etc.
  • and many more

Clinical Service for Adolescents and Teens

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

Substance abuse, addiction and mental health conditions can impact all areas of our lives. Therefore Embrace Recovery & Wellness Center (ERWC) believes that an accurrate and comprehensive assessment that includes noth the teen and parents/guardians is an essential part of the counseling process and will continue throughout our time together. As a therapuetic event, the assessment may open doors, that until now have been closed. This will provide valuable information for the treatment plan and assist with detremining counseling interventions.

The assessment will begin with a meeting with the adolescent and the parents or guardians to discuss the what will occur during the assessment process, verify custody and confidentiality will be discussed with everyone. after this is established, we will meet with your teen to gather more specific information. The assessment may take one to two sessions.

Mandated Substance Abuse Assessments

At Embrace Recovery & Wellness Center we are all licensed as substance abuse professionals and therefore, able to provide substance abuse specific assessments. Often these evaluations are ordered by the school, court, diversion or probation officers, etc.

In addtion to the clinical interview, mandated assessments also include: case management and collaborative communication, standardized screening/testing and a recommendation letter. If treatment is determiined to be necessary, your therapist will work with you on appropriate level of care and placemen

*Comprehensive alcohol and drug urinalysis can be provided at an additional cost*

Individual Counseling

Sometimes teens, like adults can benefit from personalized and confidential individual therapy. We will partner with your teen to better manage emotions, develop problem solving skills to make responsible decisions and teach them the value is asking for help when needed.Emotional and behavioral concerns are just a few of the issues we here at Embrace Recovery and Wellness Center can assist with.

Teens are met with many stressors in today's world such as bullying, peer pressure, alcohol & drugs, homework, anxiety, sexual identity, depression and social media...just to name a few. Sometimes they need to discuss their feelings about family issues, especially if there is a divorce, death or other "major" life issue happening in the family. Individual therapy is the format that most people find beneficial because they can develop a one on one relationship with their counselor in a safe, non judgmental and supportive environment.

Family Counseling

When your family seems to be struggling and communication is more difficult than it needs to be, Family Counseling may be your solution. We can help your family to build a solid foundation based on healthy communication and realistic expectations with the goal of mutual, respectful interactions and overall improvement of family dynamics.

Teen Groups

All teens struggle at one point or another and feels all alone with their thoughts and emotions. Groups can be a great way for your teen to work on emotions, interpersonal relationships, decision making skills, self esteem and self worth as well as anger/stress management skills with others who are facing similar obstacles... in turn, less alone.

Embrace Recovery & Wellness Center offers a variety of groups with both a therapeutic and educational/skills building focus. Witnessing the effectiveness of teens acting as a resource and support to one another - we believe in the healing power of community and connection.

Check the "Group Section" of our website for a listing of current groups

Parent Consultation Sessions

When you have questions or may need direction and you don't feel consistent counseling sessions are needed... Parent Consultation Sessions may be for you. You can utilize this service as often or as you need - depending on you feel things are going with your teen. ERWC therapists will make themselves available to parents to explore common parenting concerns such as.... discipline, behavior management techniques, communicating more effectively with your teen, roles, expectations and boudaries as well as specific addiction or mental health diagnosis.

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