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Green Hills with Blue Sky


Mindful Monday's 

Third Monday of each month
Cost:     $25.00 


AWARE -AWAKE- PRESENT -ACCEPTANCE & NON-JUDGMENTAL are all concepts of Mindfulness. The practice of has shown to help individuals improve their physical and emotional health, relationships with others and overall quality of life.  Prepare for your week on Monday evenings, by stabilizing your mind and calming your body. This informal and relaxed environment will encourage you to practice letting go of worries, stress other troubling thoughts/emotions. By connecting with your breath and feeling your body – you will create more space for balance, growth and peace of mind. Come join us in celebrating & affirming who we are in this fun & creative group! CALL & RESERVE YOUR SPACE!     

**Ages 15 and up**    **No experience necessary**

Mindful Recovery & Wellness

Every Thursday     6pm - 7:30pm
Cost:     $40.00

An ongoing group therapy for people with substance use problems and other addictive disorders. This experiential group will be supportive, educational, process oriented. The focus of this therapy group is to develop a new relationship with addictive behaviors through exploring wellness recovery needs, mindfulness and relapse prevention strategies. This group is intended for people who are interested in building or maintaining recovery skills. Our program is staffed with licensed professionals with extensive training with substance abuse, gambling and other addictive behaviors. Discover how these addictions impact families and disrupt lives – more importantly discover that HOPE and RECOVERY are possible!

Sacred Circle Women's Group

Every Other Saturday     10am - 11:30am
Cost:     $40.00

An ongoing therapy group for women: to celebrate all women! It’s for any woman looking to enhance their life and their ability to reach their goals. This all inclusive recovery group is a great way to address life's challenges and transitions while enhancing your recovery from: stress/anxiety, unhealthy relationships, depression, addiction, trau´╗┐ma, and any other concern that has been preventing you from achieving life balance. The main focus of this group is not the issue itself, but learning the “secrets” of successful relationships and how to build more connection, joy, satisfaction, aliveness and warmth into your life. Pairing it with individual therapy or coaching is a solid way to support positive change and self-empowerment.

Family Matters

Every Other Saturday     11:30am - 1:00pm     
Cost:     $25.00

As a “family disease”, those who have been affected by a loved one’s addiction may take years to recover, as they rebuild and stabilize their lives, independent of what the addicted familyC member/friend does. Without question, it can seem overwhelming, but it helps to keep in mind that commitment to the recovery process is also a commitment to the overall well-being of the whole family. Active family engagement in the recovery process is essential if the relationships are to heal from the destructive impact of addiction. To move on in hope, families/friends need a variety of supports, information and coping skills. Family Matters is an education & support group for family & friends that have been impacted by someone’s alcohol, drug, gambling or other addictive behavior.

There are two primary goals of the group:
1.       We will provide education & hope with ways to cope
2.       We hope to support you & help you to not feel so alone by interacting with others in similar situations. 

CAYA (Come as you are )                

Every other Tuesday     5pm - 6:30pm
Cost:       $40

Being a teen today comes with overwhelming expectations and responsibilities. The social world for teenage girls has become a more stressful and challenging environment than ever before. The rise in peer pressure, competitive conflicts and unhealthy soical media messages are all likely contributors to the national increase in anxiety, mood disorders and low self esteen in girls. CAYA offer a unique, open and educationsl forum on real-life issues facing teen girls.

The group focuses on a variety of topics that impact their lives such as: getting to know and accept oneself, developing understanding of others, being assertive, and overcoming a variety of difficult situations. Additionally, participants will learn how to combat peer pressure, decision making & problems solving skills, gain mastery of effective coping strategies to address negative feelings, promote healthy body image, improve emotional regulation, and how to reduce and control depressive/anxious symptoms.

Through experiential activities such as mindfulness, purposeful breathing, expressive arts, therapeutic discussions and self-care techniques- teens will develop skills to improve social interaction, increase self-esteem & confidence, increase awareness of self & others, and improve emotion regulation skills.