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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Wellness Services

We incorporate holistic and wellness activities, working with mind, body, and spirit to enhance over all being. At the foundation of all wellness services is our breath. We believe with proper breathing techniques you can increase the mind/body connection. Our wellness services currently include:

Chakra Clearing 
This type of healing can clear the many layers of trauma, unresolved emotions and life experiences we carry in our aura, body and energy field. Our chakras our life story and based on that story. There are many different philosophies of chakras. The goal of a chakra clearing is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance. 

A chakra clearing can last between 45-60 minutes. The practitioner’s hands are placed above the body at each chakra location. The practitioner does not need to touch the body in order for the clearing to happen. Each chakra will be cleared and balanced in approximately 8 minutes. You may fall asleep and experience deep relaxation. Emotions or past experiences may surface.

Mindfulness is a method of training the mind that is growing in popularity due to the wealth of research and brain imaging studies demonstrating its effectiveness.  Mindfulness involves learning to pay attention to the present and wisely work with our thoughts, bodily sensations, and emotions without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.  The practice is learned through simple exercises, through which you eventually come to bring a richer awareness and presence into your daily life.  By strengthening attention and focus, these exercises help to manage and prevent stress, and foster emotional intelligence and resilience. Mindfulness helps to calm the mind and body as well as bring awareness to the negative patterns that impact our life so that we can change them for the better!

Pet Therapy 
Researchers and experts agree that pets excel as therapeutic agents, that dogs help people in many ways. They can be an antidote to depression, combat isolation so often experienced for people living life with an addiction or mental illness can and they can offer comfort and support. A visit with a therapy dog can break the daily routine, increase happiness, calmness, and overall emotional well-being while stimulating the mind in dramatic ways. Studies have shown a decrease in both blood pressure and stress levels during therapy dog visits. Therapy dogs and their handlers can make a person feel alive and engage them in the world. 

Come and visit Simon! He is in the office on most days.

Reiki is an invitation to feel calmer, clearer, and more peaceful and balanced. Reiki encourages a deeper understanding of yourself, and a deeper connection to your spirit and your purpose. It is a wonderful complement to therapy, but Reiki is also healing and empowering on its own. The practice of Reiki is really about assisting others in realizing their full potential by unblocking energy centers, and restoring balance. Each person stores biographical history in our seven energy centers. When any one of these centers, called Chakras, become imbalanced, it is believed that illness and disease can manifest.. The energy is passed through the hands to the client, which unleashes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. To learn more about Reiki –

Yoga (coming soon)

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