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Therapy Dog Team



Areas of Specialty & Interest

  • Provides humor & laughter
  • Connects with others 
  • Make others feel safe & comfortable
  • Is Cute & Cuddly     
  • Encourages & supports self-expression
  • Offers entertainment 

Hello & Welcome!

I am eager to greet each of you at Embrace Recovery and Wellness Center. I am one of the "furriest" members of the team and look forward to supporting you to reach your personal goals. I can be found in the office most days hard at work providing emotional support to everyone who comes here. I love coming to work with my mom, Sheri and spending time with my ERWC family. I can join you in therapy or just "hang out" with you in the lobby. I look forward to working with you! 

Certification(s)  Registered/Certified Therapy Dog

Look people are saying about Simon.....



Areas of Specialty & Interest

  • Is adorable & attentive  
  • Sweet & friendly disposition                                                  
  • Tunes into the needs of others                                           
  • Performs tricks for treats                                                  
  • Showers others with unconditional positive regard                    
    (and maybe some licks too!)

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Quigley and I am a fluffy little therapist.  I am smart and cute, and most importantly I am a total glutton for pets.  I might look like a simple mini Aussie, but I take my job as a fur-therapist very seriously.   No one will greet you more enthusiastically when you come in for a session than I will!  I am available upon request to provide emotional support in the way that only a dog-friend can.  Just let my mom, Alonna, or anyone else on the Embrace team know that you are interested.  I look forward to working with you!    

Certification(s)  Registered/Certified Therapy Dog

Look people are saying about Quigley.....

More about Therapy Dogs & Pet Assisted Therapy.....

If your an animal already know how good it feels to interact with your pet. Now research is showing the same positive effect in a variety of therapuetic settings - nursing homes, schools, hospitals, mental health and treatment programs. Leverging the power of pets is becoming a vital tool in the treatment of many medical and psychiatric disorders. 

Pet Therapy is defined as a guided interaction between a specially trained animal and an individual or group - facilitated by animal's handler. Also known as Animal Assisted Therapy, Pet Therapy interactions are intended to improve a clients' mental, social, emotional and physical functioning. Therapy can involve different activities such as walking, grooming or petting, playing with or looking after the therapy animal. Just like any other therapy, the specifics of a pet therapy session are based on the uniques and individual needs of each client. 

Trained animals, in our case, Simon our therapy dog, is used to benefit clients whose life experiences include many emotional and behavioral concerns such as substance use, addiction, anxiety, depression, communication difficulties and post traumatic stress - just to name a few. Animals accept us just as we are - they don't judge or threaten - so you can interact with them in a wholehearted and mindful manner. Counseling and therapy can be a difficult and scary process however, with the assistance of an animal you can feel more safe and comfortable to open up and build trust with your therapist.  Some of the frequently reported benfits of pet therapy are... 

  • the release of endorphines (feel-good neurotransmitters)
  •   reduction in stress and anxiety
  •   a boost in self esteem
  •   improved mood
  •   improved focus and concentration
  •   better communication
  •   improvement with mindful skills and stay within the moment

Of course all of the above benefits plus many others provide for a more enriching therapy experience. If you are interested in having me be involved iwth your therapy experience at ERWC...please talk with your therapist.


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** Hours vary by therapist **

Monday - Thursday:

9:00 am - 8:00 pm


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Available Upon Request